Sell your home:

6 ways to ensure you can buy your next DREAM home!

  1. Traditional – We List and Sell your home at a price and time frame that works with your schedule. Close and move within 30-60 days
  2. Extended closing - We list and find a buyer who allows you to close on your home 60-90 days after acceptance of their offer allowing you to take your time finding your next home.
  3. Rent back closing – We list and sell your home, but the buyer allows you to close within 30-45 days and rent back from the buyer for 1-2 months after closing. This allows you to have cash on hand to make a cash offer and close on your new home.
  4. Cash Offer – We make you an offer on the spot to buy your home!
  5. Guaranteed Sale – We list your home at fair market value, dropping the price 8% every 2 weeks. At the end of 59 days, if not sold we agree on a purchase price (based on an appraisal) and agree on a sales price to purchase.
  6. Use Ribbon to make an all-cash offer. It's an advantage you can use to purchase your dream home.
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