What Animal are you ? Surviving Your Serengeti will help your relationships!

I’m at my 1st international Cyberstars MasterMind and thrilled to be a member, While here I met Stefan Swanepoel who is the author of “Surviving Your Serengeti”  or as I call it “Surviving The Serengeti”. It’s a great concept, identify who you are as an animal and learn what your wife, husband friends and business associates are so you can interact with them and understand them on their level.  The concept is not new, what is new is the comparison to animals in the Serengeti. It’s a process that allows you to easily identify personality traits. Watch the interview and visit www.whatanimalami.com to determine your animal type.  Then visit http://www.serengetibook.com/your-safari/what-animal-am-i/ to see what the type of animal means. For more information about the concept, about the book or to have Stefan speak at your event (he’s a great speaker) head to  www.serengetibook.com.

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