Spring Cleaning Tips for Selling Your Louisville Home

Spring is quickly approaching and new life is popping up all around. Flowers, budding trees, and cute little bunnies, but there is one bunny that is not so welcome and that is the dust bunny. 

Despite all our spring cleaning efforts it is very difficult to keep dust at bay. You, like many others, have probably dusted your home only to turn around days later and find a layer of the unsightly fuzzy stuff coating your shelves or a little dust bunny lurking in the corner. Dusting is a task that will always need to be done often but we can show you some ways to keep those bunnies from rapidly multiplying and reduce the dust in your home so it's not as big of a chore when you need to list and sell your home.Spring Cleaning Tips for Selling your home


  1. Change air filters- Air filters should be changed in your home at least quarterly and more often if you have allergy sufferers or the filters just look dirty. Make sure to invest in a good pleated filter that traps the smaller particles as well as the large ones. 

  1. Clean air ducts- All of  the cooled and heated air in your home circulates through air ducts, if you haven't had them cleaned you are breathing in all the dust, mold ,and other stuff that has built up in there. 

  1. Door Mats- simple door mats do so much to keep dust and debris out of your home. Much of the dirt in your home travels in on the soles of shoes. 

  1. Remove shoes inside- maybe this one should be labeled 3b because it goes hand in hand with the above point that much of the dirt in your home comes in from the soles of your shoes. 

  1. Cut down on decorative clutter- things like figurines also named knick knacks are well known for being coated in dust. 

  1. Dust more often- this does not sound fun but if you keep up with a regular dusting routine instead of a sporadic one dust will stay at a minimum. 

  1. Use microfiber cloths- microfiber cloths will hold dust in and trap it while regular cloths like ripped up old's shirts will just move dust around. Don't forget to wash your dusting cloths immediately and don't use fabric softener. 

  1. Vacuum regularly- AFTER dusting you should vacuum to suck up all dust that got pushed down to the floors. 

  1. Clean upholstery regularly- soft surfaces collect dust easier than hard ones. No doubt there is plenty of dust hanging out in your couch. When you vacuum the floors don't forget to do the upholstered furniture as well. 

  1. Have carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned- these soft surfaces harbor a lot of debris that builds up over time. Get this build up out with a good professional cleaning. 

  1. Groom pets regularly- take your furry friends to the groomers on a regular basis. If you can't afford a groomer make sure to do all your pet grooming outside the home. Pet dander is a huge contributor to dust. 

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When it comes time to sell, cleaning should be your very first step, following by staging. If you need help staging your home to appeal to a wide range of buyers, give us a call! We can help you layout your furniture and home for comfortable showings and the maximum positive impact.


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