5 Road Types that Impact Home Sales

Where a home is located is a huge factor in what homes a buyer will look at. Even the road home is located on or backs up to can be a big contributing factor to how quickly or easily it will sell. Here are some road types that can be a turn off to buyers and some that can have a major draw. In one way or another, all of them can impact the sale of a home.

Road Types

High Traffic Roads

Living just off of a road or in a home with a driveway on a high traffic road can be a bit of a hassle. The traffic, of course, also brings in a significant amount of noise. The highest concern of homes near high traffic roads for buyers is the ability to resell it later.


A cul-de-sac is a dead-end road usually shorter in length with a circular shaped end. Many cul-de-sacs are often located deep in subdivisions or at the end of a neighborhood. These are highly desired streets to live on as they are generally quieter and provide more space for children to ride bikes or cars to turn around/back-up on. According to some real estate experts, a cul-de-sac is the best investment when it comes to the type of street you live on.

Dirt Road

road type and homeSome people think that if they live on a dirt road it would detract buyers. While a home on a dirt road may not have the same amount of buyers looking as a home in a developed subdivision, it is not a hit to the value of a home. A home on a dirt road simply attracts a different set of buyers that are looking to live in a more rural and quiet location. These buyers find the dirt road to be a fair trade-off for living further out from highly populated areas.


This is a narrow “street” between buildings or the back yards of older homes in urban areas. They usually are un-named and often not marked on navigation maps. In larger cities with historic homes, you may get led to a home with a front door on an alley in your home search. Though this seems odd or like a hassle at first look, it can be an asset. There is little to no traffic at the front door and the feeling of privacy, exclusivity, and uniqueness can really appeal to some buyers.

Double Yellow Center Line

A double yellow line is not painted there for no reason. Even if the road doesn’t seem busy, the road can be curvy or have limited site distance making it one that drivers need to be more cautious on. Most roads with double yellow center lines have speed limits higher than 25 miles per hour and can feel unsafe when children and pets are playing in the front yard.


This one is probably the most suspected as a negative. Not many people want to live near the highway especially in a busy town or city. The noise pollution is not just noisy, it is extra noisy. In areas with high traffic, this noise is a constant 24/7 thing.

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