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Homes with Pools in Louisville KY

Homes With Pools in Louisville

Thinking of buying a home in Louisville with a pre existing pool or hot tub? If so, there are some things you need to know to ensure they continue to run smoothly.Homes with pools in Louisville

First, get an inspection. Your local pool professional should be able to send someone out to your home to check the integrity of the structure of your pool and hot tub and let you know how much "life it has left" in it.

Next, as the new owner of a hot tub, you want a fresh start so that it's YOUR hot tub.  Start by cleaning the plumbing, changing the filter and draining the water (be sure to turn the power to the hot tub off before you drain it).  Once it's empty,  wipe down the walls and seats with a hot tub cleaning product.  After the filter has been replaced and the tub has been cleaned, you can refill the tub back up to the skimmer level.

Now, that your hot tub is clean and brand new to you, you'll want the water to stay clean and healthy. This means having the right balance of chemicals in the water.

Bring a sample of the water, as well as any chemicals the previous homeowners left behind, to your local pool professional.  They can analyze the water and how to use the chemicals to keep the water in balance.  You must use a proper sanitizer, chlorine or bromine, to kill the bacteria in the water (water treatment systems will not kill the bacteria).  They will help to keep the ph, alkalinity and hardness levels balanced as well.  Make certain to only use chemicals, cleaning products and scents that are specifically approved for hot tub use.

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Louisville Celebrates Skyrocketing Home Sales!

Any concern Louisville's home sales market was stalling out was quashed in June 2015. After several months of good, but not overwhelming home sales, The Greater Louisville Association of Realtors (just released numbers), shows June home sales skyrocketed last month.  The number of homes going under contract in June 2015 was up 22.3% over the same month year before. The number of homes closing last month was up 16.9% over June 2014. By any measure, Louisville home sales are on track to reach new records this year.

Here are the numbers that impress even the skeptics:

  1. The average days on market down 6.82% from a year before.
  2. The average sales price up 1.47% from June 2014.
  3. The number of homes sold, year to date, as of the end of June 2015 compared to last year at the same time were up 11.5%.

The only concern is the number of active listings on the market. As of the end of June 2015 the number was down 17.2%. That's a concern because if buyers don't have options when it comes to choosing a home, home sales could stall in July and August.

The number of new listings that came onto the market in June 2015 was down only .9%. It's an indication that sellers were waiting until summer hit to put their home on the market, hoping for the best price and fast sale. Still, with buyer’s sales up and the number of homes on the market  (compared to the same time a year ago) down we have a firm sellers market.

We measure home sales with something called...