Louisville Real Estate Sales end with a bang!

Louisville Celebrates HomeSalesIt's a celebration!

No one could predict 12 months ago what would happen to Louisville Home Sales during 2013. There were indicators that the housing market was recovering but there was no way to know if it would continue throughout the year. Today as we begin 2014 and look back at the year in real estate, it’s safe to say 2013 outperformed expectations.

In December 2013 alone, the number of homes that sold and closed was up 17.25% compared to one year before. The number of homes going under contract in December compared to the year before was up 5.59%. Most of the other numbers for home sales were up as well, the average days on the market dropped in many parts of the city from 81 days to 69 days. The average selling price went from $166,117 last year up to $ 172,238 in December 2013. It should be noted the median sales price actually dropped from $138,450 in December 2012 to $136,000 in December 2013. (Raw data is contained at the end of this article)

During research for this blog post and for an article in Business First, we determined the average price of homes sold by Louisville real estate agents is actually higher now in many parts of Louisville, than before the recession of 2007. In the Business First article “Year In Review: Rebound In Housing Market”, reporter Kevin Eigelbach correctly pointed to the strong recovery in Louisville home sales for 2013.

I took the research one step further and looked at the number of homes closing each year since 2005. What I found was the rebound is just about complete. The number of homes closed in 2013 is just about equal to 2007, ( just prior to the crash of the real estate market.

So what is this mean to you as a buyer and seller:

For sellers, we know last year there was a shortage early in 2013 of good homes. We also know that a lot of sellers sat on the fence waiting to see if their house would appreciate in value. It’s obvious today home prices have come back in many parts of Louisville. So if you’re seller thinking about putting your home on the market and moving up or downsizing you need to get with us as soon as possible so we can visit the house, determine a market value, suggest some possible staging ideas, and charted course of action.

For buyers, you’ve been given the rare gift of walking into a time machine and heading back to the year 2007. Prices are just about where they were seven years ago.  Accounting for inflation of everything else as well as increase in wages your home buying dollar has been extended beyond expectations. The lower housing prices mean you get a second chance at buying a home and staking out your part of the American dream. Interest rates remain at historic lows and should hover in the low 5% for at least the next couple of months.

There is absolutely no way to determine what will happen in 2014. If interest rates stay low, the economy continues to improve, there are no wars or terrorist attacks on the United States and our elected officials work for the people and not their self-interests 2014 should be great year!

December 2013

Number of Houses Under Contract

This month: 983

Last month: 1169

This month last year: 46

Number of Houses Sold & Closed

This month: 1142

Last month: 1122

This month last year: 66


Average Selling Price

This month: $172,238

Last month: $180,004

This month last year: $188,159

Average Days on Market

This month: 69

Last month: 69

This month last year: 77

Median Sales Price



December 2012

Number of Houses Under Contract

This month: 931

Last month: 1028

This month last year: 95

Number of Houses Sold & Closed

This month: 974

Last month: 1006

This month last year: 101


Average Selling Price

This month: $166,117

Last month: $170,425

This month last year: $169,506

Average Days on Market

This month: 81

Last month: 80

This month last year: 95

Median Sales Price



#1 By Mary Matthews at 1/11/2014 10:53 PM

Congratulations on a great 2013! It is wonderful to hear such impressive recovery. I hope 2014 is just as good for Louisville. Best of luck in the market this year!

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