Thousands of people around the country are receiving phony e-mails from a company claiming to be the Better Business Bureau with notice of a written complaint (see a copy of the e-mail below with the link removed). Charlie Mattingly of the Louisville Better Business Bureau tells me “This is a malicious message that has been widely distributed in recent weeks. We've been doing our best to get the word out”!

The slime ball(s) behind this latest attack on our computers must think its funny. The letter claims a complaint has been filed from a customer of yours. When you click on the complaint link you apparently infect your computer with a worm or virus.

 I tried clicking on the link on the link with my Mac to see what happens (knowing the Mac is immune to those types of attacks). Nothing happened. But I did track the link to The company website claims to help companies create full scale social marketing. I’m not sure if they are behind the malicious e-mail but the results will not have a lot of people pointing their middle fingers at the company.

 If you receive an e-mail from a friend saying their e-mail had been hacked and it was sending out e-mails without permission you are probably looking at the results of this phony complaint e-mail.

 Letter I received:

Attn: Owner/Manager

Here with the Better Business Bureau notifies you that we have been sent a complaint (ID 71185521) from your customer related to their dealership with you.

Please open the COMPLAINT REPORT below to obtain the details on this matter and inform us about your position as soon as possible.

We hope to hear from you very soon.


Arnold Melendez

Dispute Counselor?Better Business Bureau


Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor 7 years ago, and co-owner of The Medley Sokoler Team in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob, his Team by clicking Louisville Real Estate.

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