Design Ideas for an Easier to Clean Home

The best way to keep a home looking great is to keep it clean. A great way to do this is to design your home in a way that will make it easy to keep tidy with minimal effort. If you are designing a space it is a great idea to think about what it will take to maintain it. After all when you have just remodeled, re-styled, or built your perfect space you want to keep it looking perfect.

Here are some design ideas for an easy to clean low-maintenance home.

Design ideas for a cleaner home

Smooth Surfaces

A smooth surface is much easier to get clean than a porous one, or a textured one. Keep this in mind when selecting kitchen and bathroom counters and flooring where there is a significant amount of moisture and a larger potential for spills. Solid stone and laminate counters are easier to care for than porous materials such as marble. Tile is a great durable surface, but it might not be the best choice for a counter because of the porous grout.

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Color and Pattern

All white rooms are trending right now. One thing to remember is, though white rooms look bright and airy, they won’t look this way all the time unless you are constantly wiping them down. On some surfaces, black can have the same effect of showing everything. There are other great neutral colors to consider that will show less dirt such as shades of brown and gray. Patterns are also a great way to camouflage minor dirt build up.

Less is More

One of the peskiest cleaning tasks to perform is dusting. Cut dusting time down with fewer surfaces for it to land on. Try not to overdo it with your design, less is more. Keep decor to a minimum and don’t cram too much furniture into a space. The best way to decide what you truly need in a room is to ask yourself what function or purpose you want a particular space to perform.

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Clutter is a part of life especially if you have a family with hectic schedules. It becomes so easy to just drop things and hurry on to the next task, appointment or obligation.  The task of just clearing clutter when we have a little unscheduled time to do so can become overwhelming. When we get the clutter picked up; we don’t have time to actually clean the surfaces in our homes. Drastically minimize clutter with creative storage solutions that give every item in your home a place to neatly reside with less work. Items that can help with this include a storage ottoman, baskets in the stairs to place clutter to be put away as people walk up them,  labeled bins on shelves, and/or bins labeled with names so each person has a space to keep belongings.

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A tidy home is a relaxing home; a place that you look forward to being in at the end of a busy day. Hiring a pro to come in and do the deep cleaning annually will also help to make keeping your home clean less of a chore.

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