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Louisville Home Sales continue growth!

Louisville Home Sales

Thinking of selling your home? Don’t wait until 2016, buyers are out there right now looking for the perfect home. Consider the fact Louisville area real estate continues to outpace last year. According to the latest numbers from the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors, homes going under contract increased a whopping 12.4% October 2015 compared to October 2014. The number of Louisville area homes closing in October 2015, up 1.3% over 2014. The absorption rate sits at a 4.4-month supply (a strong sellers market).

 The numbers could be even better if there were more homes on the market. There were 17.5% fewer homes on the market last month compared to October 2014. In fact the number of homes coming on the market last month was down 2.5% compared to October last year.

 So what does this all mean? The real estate market in the Louisville area continues to improve month over month. We’re seeing a number of homes that went under contract the month before not closing for a variety of reasons:

1)  Appraisers found the sales contract price was higher than what comps in the area had sold for. This has been a problem but it escalated at the beginning of this year when the government instituted a random computer check of appraisals. If the computer felt the appraisal was too high it would kick it back to the appraiser to be reworked. The appraiser doesn't get more money to do the extra work so they are more conservative in the beginning. That's why we're finding more appraisals coming in low. If the buyer is unwilling to come up with...

Homes with Pools in Louisville KY

Homes With Pools in Louisville

Thinking of buying a home in Louisville with a pre existing pool or hot tub? If so, there are some things you need to know to ensure they continue to run smoothly.Homes with pools in Louisville

First, get an inspection. Your local pool professional should be able to send someone out to your home to check the integrity of the structure of your pool and hot tub and let you know how much "life it has left" in it.

Next, as the new owner of a hot tub, you want a fresh start so that it's YOUR hot tub.  Start by cleaning the plumbing, changing the filter and draining the water (be sure to turn the power to the hot tub off before you drain it).  Once it's empty,  wipe down the walls and seats with a hot tub cleaning product.  After the filter has been replaced and the tub has been cleaned, you can refill the tub back up to the skimmer level.

Now, that your hot tub is clean and brand new to you, you'll want the water to stay clean and healthy. This means having the right balance of chemicals in the water.

Bring a sample of the water, as well as any chemicals the previous homeowners left behind, to your local pool professional.  They can analyze the water and how to use the chemicals to keep the water in balance.  You must use a proper sanitizer, chlorine or bromine, to kill the bacteria in the water (water treatment systems will not kill the bacteria).  They will help to keep the ph, alkalinity and hardness levels balanced as well.  Make certain to only use chemicals, cleaning products and scents that are specifically approved for hot tub use.

If you've become...

Homes in Indian Hills

Homes in Indian Hills, Louisville

Homes in Indian Hills


The City of Indian Hills is a community of just under 1,200 homes and 2,900 citizens, located in Jefferson County, Kentucky, approximately seven miles northeast of downtown Louisville. Located just minutes from downtown and east end shopping and dining, Indian Hills is a perfect location for those who want to have it all. As of 1999, Indian Hills is a Home Rule City as authorized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky legislature. However, development of the neighborhood began in 1924. Today, Indian Hills serves as a welcoming haven for families.

The history of this area is rich and the soil even richer. Taking its name from the pioneer days, Indian Hills continues to provide a sense of nature and community. The Veech family, known for horse breeding and potato farming, first developed this area in the early 1920s. Everyone since has tried to stay true to the land’s natural flow. Rolling streets with mature trees and lush shrubs such as honeysuckle are just part of what gives this area the feeling of being part of a simpler more natural time, as well as the fact that over a third of the area's land is purposefully undeveloped woodlands.

Once considered the suburbs, the Indian Hills neighborhood now is considered by many to be an easy commute for those that work in the downtown Louisville area.

Homes and Prices

President Zachary Taylor once lived in this beautiful area, originally designed by Frederick Law Olmstead that  consists of four different sections:  Indian Hills-Cherokee,...

Everyone Wants a Rambler

Everyone Wants a Rambler or One Story House

Ramblers were a very popular American style of architecture in the 1950s and 1960s. Many families moving to the suburbs at the time found them appealing because they were easy to build and cost effective. In more recent years, however, people began to favor grander looking, two story homes. Housing styles are always falling in and out of favor just like fashion trends. Today, it seems ramblers are making a comeback in Louisville and elsewhere.Everyone wants a rambler house

There are many reasons the rambler is making a comeback. Many home buyers in today's market are aging baby boomers and first time home buyers. Both young and old like the idea of a rambler because they can do all their living on one floor without the worry of stairs for old bodies or tumbling toddlers. Ramblers also offer more affordable options that can provide more bang for your buck.

Another reason people are returning to ramblers is the fact that many of them were, like we stated earlier, built in the 50s and 60s. This means they were often built on larger lots. The large homes you see built today are often constructed on much smaller lots. Buyers are beginning to express an interest in larger yards with mature vegetation.

Additionally, when considering the architecture of the rambler, they have a lot of potential. Home owners like the contemporary style of an open floor plan. Ramblers can be remodeled to convey an open look without compromising any structural support. Also, due to the large lot size that many ramblers are on, they're also easy to add on too. The ability to increase square footage and home value is always a perk. Image by ...

I'm a First Time Home Buyer, Where Do I Start?

I'm  a First Time Buyer. Where Do I Start?

Home buying can be intimidating and nerve wracking and rightly so. It's a complex process. However, there is hope for it to not be as overwhelming as all of that. How? By reading a list like that below to start you on your road to home ownership.

Start Here:First Time Home Buyers in Louisville

1. Find a professional and experienced Realtor to work with.  This person will be your "Buyer's Agent". Your Realtor will be a guide and resource to what, when and how to do things. He or she will also manage all of the contracts, deadlines and details for you, making life that much easier.

2. Get pre-approval  for a mortgage with a lender of your choice. This is best done face to face after interviewing a few of them by phone or through email. Your Realtor will suggest a few lenders for you to try from their networking and connections as well as coach you on the right questions to ask.

3. Pick a neighborhood or community you like that is within your price range. Also consider factors such as commuting time, schools and proximity to daily needs. Your Realtor will help you with information on subdivisions and price ranges, but be sure to do some independent research by driving around on your own time to compare and decide.

4. Now it's time to choose. Your Realtor will provide details on all available homes in your area within your budget. After you pick your favorites, your Realtor will arrange the showings...

They're Back! Low Down Payment Home Loans

They're BACK! Low Down Payment Loans

You've been wishin' and a waitin' and your prayers have been answered! Borrowers are finally once again seeing the return of some low down payment loans that will allow people to enjoy all the benefits of home ownership. This news is  going to have a big effect on the recovery of the housing market. This is especially so for first time home buyers.

With the crash in 2008 and the following mortgage meltdown, these loans had disappeared, but they're back and people couldn't be more pleased. Here's some outlines on the changes concerning them with their return:Low Down Payment Home Loans in Louisville

 The type of loan  that has returned is one offered by lenders themselves such as the Right Step mortgage by T.D. Bank. The lender recently lowered Right Step's minimum down payment from 5 percent to 3 percent while raising the debt to income ratio to 41 percent.

Read more: How Hard is it to get a Home Loan?

This type of loan is competitive with F.H.A because private mortgage insurance is not required ( it usually is on loans with less than 20% down).  Rather, T.D. requires all applicants to go through a housing education class. This type of class has shown to improve loan performance significantly.

Qualifications include that borrowers must have a minimum FICO score of 660 and income at or below 80% of the area median income. If the borrower is buying in a Census-defined low to moderate income area,...

March Louisville real estate sales showing signs of a Sellers Market!

It was a rough beginning to 2014. Ice, snow, freezing temperatures and slush kept buyers indoors slowing down the Louisville housing recovery. The sales numbers for March 2014 reflect sharp decrease in home sales. The latest numbers from the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors shows the number of homes sold last month were down 19.5 % from March 2013.
But just like the weather, home sales for Louisville have taken a turn for the better. The number of homes going under contract in Louisville for March 2014 was actually up 8.7 %. That’s a remarkable statistic considering much of March was in the deep-freeze and it indicates we’ve entered what could be described as a sellers market (more about that in a moment). We saw what was happening from our Sokoler Medley team offices every time the temperatures warmed up even for just a day, there was a flurry of showings and contracts followed.  It’s no wonder we put 40 homes under contract in the month of March .
The problem were tracking now is the number of homes currently on the market.
Last year at this time they were 7414 homes on the market, as of this writing there are 6029 homes on the market that’s down 18.7%. With an increasing buyer demand and fewer homes on the market the housing recovery could easily stall. Buyers who have looked at the homes on the market have found some are overpriced, some are in need of deferred maintenance, some are in the wrong part of town and some just won’t fit their needs.

Were constantly looking at the absorption rate for the Louisville area. In March 2013 the absorption rate was 6.77%. That meant there was almost a seven-month supply of homes based on the number of homes on the market and the number of sales for that month. As of last month the absorption rate...

Insider Tips for Buying Investment Property in Louisville

Two Insider Tips for Buying Investment Property

It doesn't take a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist to be able to buy investment property in Louisville but there are always a couple tips that you can take advantage of to make your efforts a little easier. There are many things you can do to ensure your success in investment property. Here are a look at two you may or may not know about.Insider Tips for Buying Investment Property in Louisville

Know Your Canvas

It's important to get to know the home values in the area you're canvassing (the area where you'll be making offers). Your canvas area is where you intend on concentrating your marketing efforts. You can gain much of this information from the MLS listings but an even better way is to take a Sunday and hit the open houses. Not only is this a great way to find out the home values but you'll see firsthand "what" exactly sells for that price.

Get to Know the Local Agents

Secondly, while you're out canvassing your canvas and checking out the open houses, it's also the perfect opportunity to get to know local real estate agents. This can put you at the top of their buyers list when they have an "ugly" house to sell. Sometimes realtors get calls from repeat customers that have "junkers" to sell and the realtor can't simply say no to taking the listing. However, they don't want to spend time and energy marketing and advertising the property. That's where they're list of investors comes into play. Investors like you are who they call in these situations...

Should We Buy or Sell First in Louisville Real Estate?

Should We Buy or Sell First in Louisville Real Estate?

Sometimes it happens. You are currently making mortgage payments on a home you either still have on the market but hasn't sold OR that you've only considered selling and then it happens. You see your dream house in your ideal neighborhood is for sale and at a stellar price! What do you do?

It is possible to buy a new house before your old one sells, but unless you have serious income, it is risky business and not recommended. Here are some things to look at when considering if buying before selling is a smart move for you:Should we buy first or sell first in Louisville

Benefits of Buying First

It's true that most people are in no position to buy before selling but it's still worth looking at the benefits of doing so before making the ultimate decision. After all, there is a reason that such an idea is crossing your mind.

Everyone wants a great deal and many of us have an idea of our dream home. When an opportunity pops up that meets both of these requirements, how can you not consider it?! The perks are that you can see yourself being perfectly happy living out your days in this home and you can see how much money you'll net when do actually sell your current home. Plus, how nice will it be to have a place to move into immediately once you do sell your current home?!

Then, there's also always the potential of carrying both homes, if you have the finances, and rent your first home out. This is an especially intriguing idea if the market is on the rise and you see...

What Can $300,000 Buy in Louisville?

What can $300,000 Buy You in Louisville?

$300,000 can get you a lot in Louisville right now. In fact there are currently 12 listings at this price range and they include anything from two bedroom one bath floor plans to five bedroom four bath options.

If you're looking for something with commercial potential,  you'll love this  listing for a two bedroom and one bath in the heart of Shively. With 1537 square feet, this corner lot property actually consists of two homes. The main home is a well maintained brick ranch style and the second home has three rooms and utilities.Homes for $300,000 in Louisville KY

Have a boat? Check out this listing for a lake front chalet with boat slip. With 2272 square feet this four bedroom three bath beauty of a home has a finished basement and resides within a gated community.

If you like historic homes, you're going to want to visit this listing. This 3864 square foot home overlooks the Ohio River and has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. It was built in 1835, has four fireplaces and was previously known as The Ghent House Bed and Breakfast. Oh the stories these walls and halls could tell!

To get the most bang for your buck, see this listing for a 3661 square foot home with a...

Local Louisville Real Estate Agent

 There’s just something to the word “local”. Local conveys a personal feeling; a down to earth and native environment. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose the local real estate agents of the Medley Sokoler Team.Local Louisville real estate agent

We have agents that literally live throughout all of the neighborhoods in the Louisville Kentucky area. If you're looking for a home in Cherokee Triangle, we have an agent that specializes in homes and properties within that community. Looking for a home in Mockingbird Valley? Our agents can help you find the right school district, the right home and the right price within that specific neighborhood. Because Louisville has so many communities and neighborhoods that stretch throughout the area, it doesn't make sense to use an agent that is not from this part of the country. Remember, this is the biggest investment you'll ever make and I hear it all the time that buyers want to use their cousin's brother's uncle to buy or sell a house or they've been referred to a friend of a friend. Again, this is a large investment and putting your trust and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the hands of an amateur or someone that doesn't know the area can cost you money, time and energy.

What about selling?

If you use an agent that doesn't know the specifics of a neighborhood or the current market trends for that community, you maybe overpricing...

Louisville Home Builder Proves (again) they care about their clients


As a realtor it’s reassuring to see that a homebuilder as big as Ball Homes cares about keeping their customers happy.

Up front you need to know that the letter below comes from my Father-In-Law! But this is far from the first tine we have seen Ball Homes do what’s right and repair a home that is 5 years old. I can tell you the first experience I had with Ball hones was about 7 years ago. We had sold a Ball Home (it was 7 years old), the buyers inspector thought there was water behind an area of bricks. Ball said to the homebuyer in front of us, “We don’t think there’s a problem but we’re willing to rebuild it”. WOW! The wall did not have a problem but the fact that Ball lives up to their 10 home warranties sold me as a fan of this builder. Read the letter below from my father-in-law and the next time you’re thinking about building a home, or buying a Ball resale, know that you have builder that cares about their clients.

February 15, 2013

Ms. Lisa Ball

Ball Homes

3609 Walden Dr.

Lexington, KY. 40583

 Dear Ms. Ball,

 In November of 2007 I purchased a new Ball Home in the Williamsgate Subdivision at Crestwood, KY. To say the least I have been quite pleased with the purchase.

 However, there have been a few persistent dry wall cracks that have been reoccurring in exactly the same locations. Ball Homes in the past has been very prompt in handling the repairs, but the issue just never seemed to be resolved.

 Earlier this year I reported to your Lexington Office that the problems were again reappearing in exactly the same locations. In some instances this would be the at least the second or third time, and in one case, the living room, the fourth or fifth time.

 I must say that Ball Homes...

Louisville Home Videos help Real Estate Home buyers find the perfect home

Would you buy a Louisville home without seeing it in person, too much of a risk you might say? Many buyers would agree with you. But Blake and Katie did exactly that after seeing our sellers home in our Medley Sokoler Team Video. It was love at first sight for these two people. What's even more incredible is that the couple wasn’t even in the market for a home. That's to The Medley Sokoler Team Videos, Blake and Katie knew exactly what they were buying.

Watch the video and see what we do that's different from other Realtors and why we're number in Louisville for volume sales for 2011 and 2012. For more information about Louisville Real Estate or to work with the hardest working Real Estate Team in Louisville Kentucky "The Medley Sokoler Team at 10525 Timberwood Circle, Louisville KY 40223 head to or call (502) 376-5483.


Louisville Real Estate 3502 REMS CT, LOUISVILLE, KY 40241

We just listed this home today. Let me know what you think?

Updated, Open and a Large Flat Fenced in back yard on a quiet cu-DE-sac in Manor Creek! This 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bath has a New Eat-Kitchen that has been opened up to the Living Room. Wood floors, an amazing amount of Cabinet and Counter top space and a Gas Stove for the Gourmet Chef in the family will put a smile on your face!. Engage in conversation with your family as you prepare meals at the eat-in bar complete with bar stools. There's a cozy family room with solid cherry custom built-ins, fireplace with gas starter, crown molding, beams and is wired for surround sound. The master bedroom features his and her closets, and updated full bath with new ceramic tile and cherry vanity. The main bathroom has ceramic tile, solid maple vanity with new counter top and fixtures. All 5 bedrooms have carpeting with hardwood floors underneath, ceiling fans and fresh paint. You can listen to your favorite music on the home stereo system that is wired throughout the home. You'll enjoy time with your family in the back yard, surrounded by beautiful trees, fence for the family pet, and over-sized patio with basketball goal. Entertain guests on the maintenance-free deck with gas hook up for the grill. Unfinished basement is currently used for a playroom and hobby area but could easily be converted to children's play area. Other custom features include wainscoting in kitchen and dining area, programmable thermostat, laundry shoot, walk-in storage area above the garage, and the home is wired for satellite. Recent improvements include: Garage Doors, New Front Windows, Back Windows, Half Bath completely remodeled, 2-new back doors, Added Insulation in attic over garage, New Roof , New siding/gutters and gutter guard. New Fireplace Insert, Remodeled Kitchen. Convenient to highways and shopping.

For more information on this Louisville Home, or information...

Turn of the Century Louisville Home at 3001 Old Clark Station Rd, Fisherville, KY 40023

Our seller has married, needs to relocate and has to sell! This turn of the century farm house has had a number of updates (see the pictures) including the kitchen, living room and Master Bedroom Suite. But there are still several rooms that need to be updated. The possibilities are endless. The home is being sold with additional property (8979 0904) for a grand total of more than 3.3 acres of land. All for the list price on this property.

For more information on this Louisville Home, or information about Louisville Real Estate or to work with the hardest working Louisville Real Estate Team in Kentucky : The Medley Sokoler Team at Remax properties east head to


Louisville Home Sales Surge in July 2012

The dust has settled and  Louisville Home Sale numbers for July 2012 are official! Spurred on by record low interest rates and even lower home sale prices Louisville Homes going under contract last month outpaced July 2011 by almost 29 percent. The number of homes closing was up by 19.44 percent.

Average home selling prices were down $2000 from a year before to $177,871 helped assure buyers they were getting a great deal. Interest rates hovering down in the 3.5 percent range helped convince buyers monthly mortgage payments would be low.

The good news for Louisville home sellers is that the worst may be over. Naturally no one can forecast the future, but unless the European economy completely collapses, home sale prices  appear to have bottomed out. If the national economic forecasts are correct, home prices should slowly start to increase in 2013.

Savvy Louisville home buyers are hearing the news reports of a possible increase in housing price next year, along with rumors interest rates will rise after the Presidential elections and they are turning to Realtors to get a perspective on the best areas for housing prices.   

By the end of July 2012 Our Medley Sokoler team had sold and closed more homes than all of 2011. As of this writing our total continues to climb with a  136 homes closed...

Updated and Roomy Louisville Real Estate in Autumn Woods at 10510 Pebblestone Circle Louisville Ky



10510 Pebblestone Circle - AUTUMN WOODS - LOUISVILLE, KY 40229
Updated, Roomy and a large fenced in back yard! This all brick, maintenance free 3 b3droom 2 bath ranch is loaded with features! Walk into a beautiful living room includes a shelled tray ceiling and paddle fan. Next into an oversized eat-in kitchen with bay window, center island, ceiling fan, Stove, Refrigerator w/ice maker, dishwasher and oven range microwave remain! Large master bedroom features a shelled tray ceiling with fan, a private bath and his & hers Closets. There are 2 other good sized bedroom as well! Need more space to entertain? No problem... In the backyard you will find 10x10' deck that opens up to a large backyard and a 6' privacy fence around entire backyard! In addition there is an 8x12' storage shed that will stay. Well cared for and ready for you to move right in!

For more information on this listing or to work with the hottest real estate team in Louisville go to

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