8 Great Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

As a buyer, getting a home inspection is a crucial step in the home buying process. It's not something to take lightly or a step in which to cut corners. It's important to have a professional examine the home as this is most likely the largest purchase you'll ever make.

8 questions to ask your home inspector

Here are 8 crucial questions you should be asking a potential home inspector:

#1. What will the inspection cover?

Your inspector should ensure that the inspection and inspection report will meet all applicable requirements that the state of Washington requires as well as practice a code of ethics. You should ask about all the items included in the inspection ahead of time and verify that anything you are concerned about gets covered up front.

#2. How long have you been an inspector?

New inspectors simply don't have the experience that a seasoned and skilled inspector has. No amount of education can come close to the years of experience that well-seasoned inspectors have under their belt. You’ll want to make sure that they have a history in their profession and possibly a few names as referrals. Even though newer inspectors can be qualified, they may work with a partner that is more seasoned until they get the experience needed. Every home is different and the more experience an inspector has the better informed they are about certain areas of the construction of the home.

#3. Are you proficient in residential inspections?

Some building inspectors only deal with commercial so you want to verify that this is a residential inspector skilled and trained in the details of a single family house or condominium inspection.

#3. How long will the inspection take?

Most inspectors take between two and three hours to complete an inspection for a typical single-family house. If the inspector can complete the inspection in less than an hour, this would throw up a red flag as to how thorough they really are.

#4. How much will it cost?

A typical inspector will range between $300 and $500 but you'll also want to consider the value of the home inspection in terms of the investment being made. Cost doesn't necessarily reflect quality and cost can dramatically change based on the region, size, age of the house and scope of other services involved.

#5. How will I receive the report?

Many inspectors will provide a tentative report on site with a full report emailed or mailed at a later time. Ask how you would like to receive the report and what type of information will be available.

#6. Will you be able to attend the inspection?

Because this is probably the largest investment and purchase you'll ever make it is imperative to be present during the inspection. You'll want to ask questions, learn about your home and find out as much as possible before finalizing the sale.

#7. Do you participate in continuing education?

All inspectors are required to participate in continuing education for the state of Washington but you’ll want to verify that this is kept up-to-date. Just because this is the rule doesn't mean that everyone will follow it. It's important to know that your inspector stays up-to-date with codes and laws.

#8. What if I need an additional inspection?

If there's anything wrong with the house that may need an additional inspection such as a roof certification, additional septic or plumbing inspection or other repairs, your inspector should be able to recommend an additional inspection and some resources to contact.

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