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Low Cost Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is essential when selling a house. It helps buyers to want to take a closer look. Sprucing up the front outside of your home is money well spent. What do you do if you don’t have much money right now to spend on making your home more appealing and inviting from the outside?  easy ways to boost curb appeal

Here are some great low-cost ways to add curb appeal to your home.  

Start With a Pressure Wash to Make Everything Shine 

You may not notice how dirty the exterior of your home is and maybe buyers won't either if your home is in pretty good condition. Pressure washing your home gives it that extra oomph of life and shine.  It makes your home feel youthful, alive, well taken care of etc. You will be surprised at the actual color of your walkways and home when you are done and how much nicer everything looks.  

Bring in Some Mulch and Low Maintenance Plants 


5 Road Types that Impact Home Sales

Where a home is located is a huge factor in what homes a buyer will look at. Even the road home is located on or backs up to can be a big contributing factor to how quickly or easily it will sell. Here are some road types that can be a turn off to buyers and some that can have a major draw. In one way or another, all of them can impact the sale of a home.

Road Types

High Traffic Roads

Living just off of a road or in a home with a driveway on a high traffic road can be a bit of a hassle. The traffic, of course, also brings in a significant amount of noise. The highest concern of homes near high traffic roads for buyers is the ability to resell it later.


A cul-de-sac is a dead-end road usually shorter in length with a circular shaped end. Many cul-de-sacs are often located deep in subdivisions or at the end of a neighborhood. These are highly desired streets to live on as they are generally quieter and provide more space for children to ride bikes or cars to turn around/back-up on. According to some real estate experts, a cul-de-sac is the best investment when it comes to the type of street you live on.

Dirt Road

road type and homeSome people think that if they live on a dirt road it would detract buyers. While a home on a dirt road may not have the same amount of buyers looking as a home in a developed subdivision, it is not a hit to the value of a home. A home on a dirt road simply attracts a different set of buyers that are looking to live in a more rural and quiet location. These buyers find the dirt road to be a fair trade-off for living further...

How to Test Out a Neighborhood Before Buying a House

Location, location, location. When it comes to home location is a hugely important part of buying one. In fact, location is so important it can drive up the price of a home by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. How do you know when you have found just the right neighborhood? One that fits your lifestyle and needs. While there is no way to be sure if you love a neighborhood until you have lived there for a while, you can get a much better feel for it and its potential livability by testing it out before you put an offer in on a home.

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Here is How You Can Test Drive a Neighborhood

Live Like a LocalHow to Test Out a Neighborhood Before Buying a House

The first step in trying out a neighborhood is to spend some time in it. The best way to get a good feel is to book an Airbnb in the neighborhood you hope to live in. If you have a particular home in mind as close the house as possible is the best strategy.

Spend time exploring the neighborhood in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. Pay attention to all of the details around you like: the traffic, noise levels, are there people walking on the sidewalks, kids out playing, etc. Walk around at different times of the day as well as drive to get the best feel.

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Go Through Your Daily Routine

Head out early before work and drive from the neighborhood to and from work for a day. Also take a trip from the neighborhood or street to the grocery store, to run errands, go shopping, run kids to practice, and any other activities...

Louisville Named 'One of the Best Places to Own a Home For Less Than $1,000 a Month'

Louisville has once again made it to the top of a list as one of the best places in America to live! This time it is because not only is Louisville a highly desirable city to live in, it is also affordable for those who wish to own a home!  Louisville names best place to live

Recently an article was written touching on the affordability of owning a home in America today and the belief of some Americans as to the attainability of making the dream of homeownership a reality.  

The article stated that many Americans feel it is impossible to be able to purchase a home. As we see an increase in the amount of jobs available in the labor market, wages have not risen much to match the inflation of today’s cost of living. According to Brookings Institution, the average median wage in the country for workers aged 25-54 (when adjusted for inflation) has only risen 3% since 1979.  

Despite home buyer beliefs and slower rising wages, the article also went on to say that there is now more hope and help than ever for first-time homeowners and all homebuyers...

8 Great Streets for Strolling in Louisville

Louisville is a very special city and a beloved place to live for so many reasons. One of them is the many activities there are to enjoy by just taking a stroll down some of the city’s most walkable streets.  

Check out this list of Louisville’s most walkable streets and then get out and take a stroll to enjoy the city for yourself.  


  • Bardstown Road 

A favorite spot amongst Louisville locals as it is a very fun place to walk around, shop local small businesses, and enjoy a fabulous meal, or enjoy some nightlife. Most of the activity on Bardstown Road is concentrated in the Highlands neighborhood (great for those wanting an outgoing lifestyle at their doorstep). Some popular shops include Acorn and Hey Tiger and popular bar hangs include Chill Bar and Time and Space.  ...

The Sokoler Team 2019 Agent Awards

Our SokolerTeam agents work hard all year long. This past week we had a chance to spend some time at dinner with their families. We added an award component to the event this year. Thank you team for making us number 1 eleven years in a row for helping people in Louisville and Southern Indiana,


Louisville KY Light Up Christmas Events 2019

Christmas lights are one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring decorations during the 2019 holiday season. It is fun to grab your favorite people and just drive around town taking in the different light displays on a cold night. Louisville is one of the best places to enjoy Christmas lights there are special light display events as well as entire neighborhoods that go all out and encourage people to come by for a look.  


Here are some of the best places in Louisville to enjoy Christmas lights. 


Louisville's Most Popular Coffee Shops

One of the favorite places to hang out and just catch up with a friend or to get out of the house in the middle of the day is the local coffee shop. Louisville has some great locally-owned coffee shops that are popular amongst Louisville residents. Here are the most popular coffee shops in Louisville.Louisville's Most Popular Coffee Shops

Highland Coffee

Highland serves up amazing coffees and teas while giving back and being environmentally conscience. The shop donates all used coffee grounds to local farmers because they make great fertilizer. In the winter the shop is heated only through the equipment used in the shop to help conserve energy.

Heine Brothers’ Coffee

Heine Brothers’ is a Louisville local staple with 11 locations around town. The coffee is guaranteed to be expectedly great and consistent in each location, while the vibe of each shop is specific to the neighborhood. People love the coffee, some come in just for the chai, and they enjoy a quick bite or dessert from Deserts by Helen.

Please and Thank You

A hip and trendy spot that fits right into the hip and trendy Nulu neighborhood. Stop in for a cup of coffee and stay to enjoy the DJ booth, baked goods, and selection of records for sale.

Quills Coffee

Looking for a coffee place that takes coffee to the next level? A place that really knows the art and science of a good cup of coffee? Quills is the place for the serious coffee lover. They also sell everything you need to make a perfect...

St. Matthews - Neighborhood Highlight

The neighborhood of St. Matthews was once the suburb of St. Matthews prior to the annexation of the area into the city of Louisville in 2003. This neighborhood is home to Louisville’s largest shopping district on Shelbyville Road, plenty of movie theatres, and of course single-family homes that were once part of suburbia.  

History of St. Matthews 

The neighborhood started out as a settlement in 1779 when Colonel John Floyd purchased 2,000 acres. The land transitioned into a rural neighborhood as the land was gifted to soldiers for their service during the French and Indian War and it remained that way until a shopping center was built in the 1920s. The neighborhood saw exponential growth during the flood of 1937 as residents moved to higher ground.  

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Food and Night Life St. Matthews Homes for Sale


The Best Places to Eat in the Highlands

The highlands is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Louisville. The highlands is often also called “The Strip” and “Restaurant Row” and is most known for the collection of restaurants, bars, night clubs, and local boutique shops. You will find the highest concentration of bars and restaurants in the whole city of Louisville in the three-mile stretch of Bardstown Avenue and Baxter Avenue in the highlands.  

So with all of these places to grab a bite, where is the best place to eat in the highlands? 

There are many great restaurants in the highlands, almost too many to count. No matter what your taste and food preference you will probably find something great to nosh on within your budget. While it is hard to narrow down the best highland restaurants to just a few we have complied a list of the most popular amongst Louisville locals.  

 Best places to eat in the highlands

Louisville Real Estate Radio

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Louisville is Rated a Top City for First Time Homebuyers

Louisville is Rated a Top City for First Time Homebuyers

A recent report put out by website Livability, has just named Louisville among the top cities for first time home buyers. The report focused on the affordability of homes, resale home value, purchasing programs available to first-time buyers, and the overall quality of life in an area. Louisville came in at number 7 on the list of great places to live for first-time buyers.  Louisville is Rated a Top City for First Time Homebuyers

Louisville earned the number 7 spot with a housing affordability index of 80.5; meaning that 80.5 percent of the homes in the area are within an affordable price range for families in the area earning the local median income. Livability also described Louisville as “a cool, thriving, and welcoming place for all.”  

With the median price of homes in Louisville currently at a reasonable $176,300 and a down payment assistance program offered...

The Best Places for Cheeseburgers in Louisville

Louisville has some of THE best food around. One of the most loved American eats may have gotten its start right here. The cheeseburger.  

Legend has it that Carl Kaelin, the owner of Kaelin’s a former beloved diner in Louisville for many years, invented the cheeseburger not long after the diner opened in 1934. Of course, there are chefs in California and Colorado who also claim to have begun the popular trend of putting a delicious slice of cheese on a minced meat patty. No matter who truly was first we think Louisville has some of the best cheeseburger joints in the country. Here are some of the best spots to grab a cheeseburger in Louisville: 

 Best cheeseburger in Louisville

Check’s Café 

Serving up a traditional old-fashioned style cheeseburger is Check’s on E Burnett Ave. The single with cheese offers up a hearty and comforting meal for those looking for a classic style cheeseburger. If you are extra hungry go for the double.  


Best Parks in Louisville Kentucky

One of the most beloved things about living in Louisville is the great parks. Louisville has over 120 public parks just within the metro area and many of them were created by the same landscape architect that created Central park, Fredrick Law Olmstead.  

Best Parks in Louisville

Check out these most popular parks in Louisville. 

  1. Cherokee Park 

Located in the Highlands at the east end of the city, Cherokee Park is quite possibly the most loved park in Louisville. This park is not just a hotspot for locals it is a popular attraction for tourists as well. Cherokee Park sees about 500,000 visitors a year; it is one of the 50 most visited parks in the country....

Why Do People Love Louisville Kentucky

Louisville is known for a few different reasons among those that don’t live here, mainly baseball bats and a name that doesn’t phonetically make any sense. To those who call the River City home, there are so many reasons to love it. Here are some of the top reasons why people who live in Louisville love living in Louisville.  

  1. The Name What do Residents Love About Louisville?

It’s fun to say and if you are not from around here a local may have fun listening to the way you pronounce the name of their beloved city. Nothing confuses outsiders more than how locals pronounce Louisville. Say “Loo-ee-vill” or “Loo-iss-vill” and you will give yourself away like an out of towner right away. Even a spoken “Loo-ee-vul” might turn a head. The correct way to pronounce it is “Loo-a-vul” or if you really want to look like a knowledgeable local you would say “Luhl-vul.”