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Who is Ed Devore and why is his company "MD Customs Homes" one of Louisville's most successful builders? Simple it's his attention to details, low prices, integrity and willingness to make the customer happy.

Let's face it when it comes to building a home there are a lot of builders out there but only a handful worth using. I can personally tell you that it's a joy working with Louisville Builders like Rocky & Joe Pusateri of "Elite Homes", Phillip Hill Homes, Ball Homes and Ed Devore of MD Custom Homes.

As a Louisville Realtor who sells more than 100 pieces of Louisville Real Estate, I've seen the good and bad in builders. There is only one thing better than seeing the smile on the face of a new home owner, that's seeing that same smile 5 or 10 years later still proud of the home build by a good Louisville Builder.

What I love about Ed Devore and builders like him. they get "it". By that I mean understanding that when a person makes an investment in a home they want to have confidence that the builder will stand behind their work year after year.

Watch our video about Ed Devore and we think you'll agree that when it comes to building a Louisville Home, Ed is the type of guy you want calling the shots.

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Friday, October 03, 2014

Louisville Home Sales for October 2014

On the surface the number of pending and closed home sales for Louisville are down. But tell anyone who says, “the Louisville Real Estate Market is in trouble” they need to dig a little deeper! We’ve been looking into home sales numbers for the Louisville area that are similar to the month before and the month before that.  As of this writing (the ...  Read More

LOUISVILLE Market Trends

Total Properties Listed: 9,487
Month-Over-Month Change: -2.74%
Average Days On Market: 164
Total New Properties Today: 13
Median List Price: $134,900
Month-Over-Month Change: 0.00%